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Bonus Search Consultants is owned and operated by Victoria and Kieran Bonus. Victoria has over twenty-five years experience in professional recruitment. Our core specialty is packaging and plastics, but because of our reputation and excellent success rate, referral business has caused us to branch out into other industries, including chemicals, elastomers and other engineered materials.

The attributes that have endeared us to clients and candidates include an extremely high level of ethics, personal involvement in all aspects of the search process, and a determination to place the best candidates with the best companies.

Victoria and Kieran Bonus
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Kieran and Victoria are the proud parents of four children. They believe that their devotion to their family and their high level of activity in the community offer a depth and insight that allows them to better serve their corporate partners and the candidates they hire.

Victoria is originally from California and began her career as a recruiter in 1985 with the Sales Consultants division of Management Recruiters International in their Orange, California office. Recruiting in the packaging industry, she enjoyed great success working with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller privately held organizations.

In 1996, Victoria left Sales Consultants on excellent terms and relocated to Ireland. In Ireland, she along with her husband Kieran started Bonus Recruitment . They built an excellent reputation recruiting in a variety of industries, from elastomers to healthcare to information technology, while continuing to stay active in packaging recruitment.

In September of 1999, they returned to California and started Bonus Search Consultants, again concentrating in packaging recruitment. Since then, they have expanded into other areas of manufacturing and have had the opportunity of establishing a loyal client base as well as excellent connections with professionals throughout the country.

Kieran was born in Cork, Ireland and served as a noncommissioned officer in the Irish Army for twenty-one years, enjoying a reputation as a strong leader, a good soldier and a loyal team member to all who knew him. During this time, he served five United Nations missions to Lebanon, where he had the opportunity to protect and serve in what was then and continues to be now a very unstable region of the middle east. These experiences honed his management and interpersonal skills, giving him a tremendous advantage as he entered the world of corporate recruiting.

Kieran's first exposure to executive recruitment was in 1996 when he married Victoria. While still serving in the military, he assisted Victoria in establishing Bonus Recruitment, which came to be a well known and highly reputable firm in Ireland. Although the Celtic Tiger was still going strong, upon Kieran's retirement from the Irish Army they decided to relocate to the United States, where they established Bonus Search Consultants. While Victoria continues to work on the front line directly with clients and candidates, Kieran is responsible for the day to day operations of the firm, making sure that the strategic and adminstration side of their business stays on course.

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